Baxters Original Sauces


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  • Baxters Original Sauces - Woody's Free Range Farm
  • Baxters Original Sauces - Woody's Free Range Farm

Baxter's Original is a family run business based on the Kapiti Coast. The whole idea started as their family had so many different food allergies, it seemed as far as food went there wasn't anything store bought they could have that was packaged. They were all full of gluten, colouring, preservatives with strange numbers and thickeners with hidden wheat. So since 2013, they have worked on perfecting their recipes of hypoallergenic sauces that everybody can have


Sweet & Smoky - Our flagship sauce for adults and kids alike. A mild bbq sauce with the flavours of cane sugar and hickory smoke. Heat = mild

Chipotle - Our chipotle bbq sauce took 3rd place at the World Hot Sauce Awards 2016 in its bbq sauce division. And for good reason, it's great on anything! Try it on lamb! Heat = medium

Spicy Bourbon - Spicy Bourbon took an impressive second place at The World Hot Sauce Awards in it's bbq sauce division. Outback campfire smoke, Kentucky bourbon and Asian chillies make this a fusion bbq sauce like you've never had before. Heat = medium

Dragons Breath - The hottest of our bbq lineup! This is the hottest bbq sauce you can get ANYWHERE. But it's not just heat, we pack it full of garlic, applewood smoke and smoked paprika for a blazing finish that is very popular with people that know our products. Heat = hot

Gluten free Teriyaki - Hard finding a gluten free teriyaki sauce? Look no further! We pack this with garlic, ginger and lime juice for a tasty marinade addition to any meal. Heat = mild

Chili Lime hot sauce - Fresh hand picked New Zealand chili peppers, fresh natural lime juice, and a lot of care and hard work with a perfect blend of spices. The result? A hot sauce that's so versatile it could go on any meal. Heat = medium


*Teriyaki has soy

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Tell us what you think.

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