Merguez Goat Sausage


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  • Merguez Goat Sausage - Woody's Free Range Farm
  • Merguez Goat Sausage - Woody's Free Range Farm
The Merguez sausage is from North Africa and contains Harissa and Jalapeños. Our version is made with fresh Goat meat and Pork back fat to give a full flavour and juicy sausage. 
It's taken a while for people here to catch on, but in the rest of the world, goat is the most commonly eaten meat and goat milk the most widely consumed but, while we export a lot, we don't eat much. That's due partly to unfamiliarity and partly to bad press.  

Pack Size: 280g (5 sausages)

CONTAINS: Garlic, Chillis, Rice Flour, Oregano, Onion
NO gluten. NO dairy. NO Nitrates or Sulphites. No Added Sugar



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