Woodys World Sausage Tour

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With no chance of travelling the world at the moment due to the dreaded CoVID we have decided to bring the world to you, via the wonderful world of sausages from each Continent. Sit back and enjoy Woodys World Sausage Tour.
This month our tour will take you to:


EUROPE: Pork and Feta Sausage

A simple Pork sausage with a complex mix of Mediterranean herbs and Feta. Pack Size: 370g (5 sausages) 

AFRICA: The Goat Merguez

A semi spicy sausage with Harissa and Jalapeños. Our version is made with fresh Goat meat and Pork back fat to give a full flavour and juicy sausage. Pack Size: 280g (5 sausages)

SOUTH AMERICA: Chorizo Verde

This green sausage is mildly spiced and full of fresh coriander, spinach powder (a superfood) and a dash of Poblano and Serrano chilli. Pack Size: 370g (5 sausages)

OCEANIA: The Beef Snag

Our own dry aged highland beef and a secret recipe of herbs and spices designed to remind you of home. Pack Size: 370g (5 sausages)



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