HOSPITALITY: Woodys is now one of NZ's largest supplier of true free range pork to cafes and restaurants all across New Zealand. We are also the only NZ Free Range bacon producer able to supply the volumes needed by hospitality.

RETAIL: We supply retailers across the country with a whole range of prepackaged goods, all products are fully approved by MPI with GS1 accreditation and barcodes. 

CONTACT US: We welcome the chance to talk to you in more detail. We can supply fresh meat, charcuterie, salami, bacon, ham and small goods. Send us an email to to open an account.

UPSTOCK: We use Upstock for wholesale and retail orders, if you are already on Upstock just click on the button below to connect and see our wholesale price list.




CORPORATE: We are happy to send meat packs, special cuts and Christmas hams to customers and staff of businesses throughout the country. We have competitive prices and can deliver direct to homes or businesses.


For more information please email us on:

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  • Tel: 06 927 9993



100% NZ Free Range

All our meat is 100% NZ Free Range, that means born and bred outdoors the animals entire life. We know our farmers so you don't have to.