Beef Dripping

Beef Dripping

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Beef Dripping


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Woodys Angus Beef dripping, a traditional cooking fat, is rendered beef fat obtained from the slow cooking process of beef suet. It solidifies at room temperature, forming a dense, creamy texture with a rich, savory flavor profile.

Often used in British and European cuisines, it adds depth and richness to dishes like roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and fried foods. With a high smoke point, it's ideal for high-temperature cooking methods such as frying.

Its popularity declined due to health concerns regarding saturated fats, but it's experiencing a resurgence among chefs and home cooks for its unmatched flavour and ability to impart a deliciously indulgent taste.

Ave Weight: 180g min


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All our meat is 100% NZ Free Range, that means born and bred outdoors the animals entire life. We know our farmers so you don't have to.