TFWF#40: What do you call a Farmer's Market without Farmers?

Written by 47248037 - February 26 2015


Peter Fryer
December 11 2016

It’s very sad to hear what has happened regarding Waikanae Butchery. We do in fact live in Waikanae and we have a very good and busy Saturday market in Waikanae Park. It is not, as such, a farmers market (we are sure it would meet all conditions) but it is very well patronised, and nobody sells meat/pork. The Waikanae Butcher does not turn up!!!!
We think it is worth investigating and we are sure you would be welcomed.

Kerry and Peter Fryer.

August 13 2015

So good to hear about this stuff. Thanks for that. The ethics in animal treatment and farming is very important to me and I hear a lot about practices overseas, but not so much about NZ. Can you suggest where one can buy free range pork in Auckland?

Keriann Lancaster
August 13 2015

Hi – I can’t remember how I found your website and blog but have had a look around and think you are doing a great job, growing happy pigs and writing such informative posts. My local farmers market is Hastings which is pretty big and has a good mix of stall holders but just occasionally I see a stall trading that makes me a little suspicious about how “local” the goods are. Congratulations for speaking up! I will keep an eye on your blog for updates. For the last few years I have bought my Xmas ham from Havoc but have always wanted to buy local if I could find the right product – I’ll watch online in case you set up online ordering. Cheers, Keriann.

August 13 2015

Hi Carla, Im not sure about Auckland but I will look into it for you and see what I can find.

August 13 2015

Good luck in making your decision! I know at the market I like going to, there are folks who sell produce they purchase wholesale and resell at a retail prices. I tend to avoid them because they are selling the exact same produce as the grocery store at about the same or even higher prices. During the growing season there are actual farmers who sell their produce but because their prices are higher than those reselling produce I think they often times get overlooked for the cheaper “farmers market” veggies. I make a point to shop the locally grown veggie stands to support fellow gardeners/farmers and speak my opinion with the cash I give to those folks. I hope you can continue to provide the farmers market customers with your products in one way or another and hopefully they see the value in your product over the product your competition is offering.

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