TFWF#41: Part 1 - Death

Written by 47248037 - May 21 2015


January 03 2019

Thanks for the post. I was curious about that part of the process. It’s true that customers/consumers are not interested in that part of the food chain and supermarkets make sure that it stays that way. Our whole education about food obliviates the death part. It is however, very real and I think it’s important for you as well as for us to acknowledge it and pay respect to the lives gone for us to be fed.
I’ve had debates with vegans about this and I really do not want to encourage abuse and cruelty on animals being raised for our food. I believe it’s possible to eat meat in an ethical and respectful way. I’m happy to have found your farm and your products and I think you should definitely give more information about the way the pigs are killed and treated on the way to be killed on your “about us” page.

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