Woody's Farm names 2013 'heroes' of the year.

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Work on the farm has been slow over the Xmas break. Other than feeding the pigs, a little bit of fencing and building a chicken coop out of pallets I have been mostly enjoying the seasonal delights (in both solid and liquid form). So with time to reflect on the last few months I thought it would be a good opportunity to start thanking those who have helped me so far in my journey. The person I need to thank the most is Claire, who has believed in me and my mad project from the day we met, she listens to my boring stories about fencing and supports me when I panic about the money I'm spending. I also want to thank the friends and family who don't constantly remind me how crazy I am and repeatedly LIKE the photos and stories I post on here and Facebook. And finally Woody's Farm will never achieve my goals without the strangers that have shown support by a verbal pat on the back, a gift, a loan or by simply reading this blog. With this in mind I have started a new page on my blog called Woody's Heroes. As time goes on I will be thanking all the people, or businesses, that have been helpful to me in one way or another. Without the help of these people the whole Woody's Farm project would not happen, not just because of the physical help they have given me but also because when I started Woody's Farm I wanted to reconnect with a community and to meet new people. Woody's Heroes is about letting those people know that their actions are the reason why I changed my life and started Woody's Farm. You will find the page here

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