The inmates of Gul'egg' A

Written by 47248037 - January 08 2014


August 13 2015

Nice work on the Chicken hut. I’m curious though, do you have foxes over there? I was just wondering how you protect the birds during the day when the door is open or do foxes only hunt at night?

August 13 2015

Thanks, about to start the construction of building B, however this time I think I might add a window. There are no foxes in New Zealand but we have possums, stoats and birds of prey that all might try and take a chicken. Where we are the possums have been controlled by the council (they air-drop 1080 bait pellets – much to my dismay) and the only bird of prey is the Harrier (which I am told only eats Carrion). I suppose only time will tell but after one day all 6 are still there. Ironically the biggest risk is Woody (my dog) who is likely to go mad when he eventually finds the chickens, because of him I have put up an electric tape fence around the chickens (he hates electric shocks).

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