Woody's Farm gets a great 'Delia!'

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Two days ago our latest addition to the farm arrived. Having travelled by livestock haulier just over 1000km from Gore in the far South she arrived in Levin. The hand over was unceremoniously carried out on the side of state highway 1 and consisted of me carrying her from the back of a truck full of cattle to my hand made stock crate in the back of the Colorado. A short car trip followed back to the farm and one more quick journey in my arms and Delia was home. IMG_1504 Delia is the second of our Berkshires and is destined to be a mate to Hugh when she is old enough. At just three months old she is at least 3 months away from being capable of breeding, and for that matter dealing with the bundle of energetic muscle that is Hugh. Delia is currently in the transit paddock (RP3TA), she will spend a week or so there while I keep and eye on her, check for ticks or any other issues and then, when she has full regained her strength from the journey, I will let her join the Large Black girls in the larger paddock. Delia is a little bit smaller than the others but is energetic, in very good condition, and I suspect can look after herself. Her final home will be in the big paddock (ASP01) along with the other sows and it is here that the breeding herd will be established. Delia, like Hugh, is rarebreed registered with the New Zealand Pig Breeders Association and as such their offspring will be registerable and they in turn will continue to help keep the rarebreed Berkshire Pig a little less rare. By doing this we are not only making great pork, bacon, ham and sausages but we are also keeping alive one of the oldest breeds of pigs, one that only recently was on the brink of extinction. [gallery type="square" ids="317,318,319"]

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