Pork and piglets

Written by 47248037 - May 08 2014


August 13 2015

Great post. You got the full circle of life into this one. I’ve been reading of someone else’s challenges getting their Large Black sow to accept her piglets (it took something like 48 hours and sounded incredibly stressful) as she was very intentional about wanting them dead, so I’m glad your first experience went so well. Loading pigs, everyone’s going to have days like yours, I’m sure my day will come. If Reuben is able to let you have the trailer for longer, like the afternoon before, it might work better. Without pressure, and if they’re hungry, curiosity will win out, and they’ll go up on their own. I don’t speak from vast experience mind you, just once on my own behalf, and from the experience of the person who advised me.

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