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Salchicha Huachana (Alpaca)

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Salchicha Huachana (Alpaca)

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This traditional Peruvian sausage is made with Alpaca meat and Pork fat. Flavoured with chilli, cumin, garlic and annato seeds. This sausage has a bit of a kick and plenty of flavour. 
Alpaca is a delicious, tender, mild-flavoured meat with half the saturated fat of beef (around 3%) and a third less cholesterol, a low total fat content (6-7%), with the lowest calories of any land-based meat (150 calories per 100g) and only about a third of those calories come from fat.


Pack Size: 320g (4 sausages)

CONTAINS: Alpaca, Pork fat, Garlic, Chilli, Rice Flour, Cumin
NO gluten. NO dairy. NO Nitrates or Sulphites. No Added Sugar

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