Salchicha Huachana (Alpaca)

Salchicha Huachana (Alpaca)

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Salchicha Huachana (Alpaca)


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This traditional Peruvian sausage is made with Alpaca meat and Pork fat. Flavoured with chilli, cumin, garlic and annatto seeds. This sausage has a bit of a kick and plenty of flavour. 

Alpaca is a delicious, tender, mild-flavoured meat with half the saturated fat of beef (around 3%) and a third less cholesterol, a low total fat content (6-7%), with the lowest calories of any land-based meat (150 calories per 100g) and only about a third of those calories come from fat.

Pack Size: 280g (5 sausages)


Paul and Jan have bred Suri alpacas for 20 years, favouring their distinctive fleece over Huacaya alpacas. They've meticulously managed breeding, resulting in a herd with excellent conformation and fleeces. The couple maintains high ethical standards, providing daily care, shelter, and medical attention. Their diet mimics their natural one, supplemented during eczema season. Alpacas receive vaccinations twice yearly and deworming only when necessary. Paul and Jan prioritise animal welfare, aiming for contented, stress-free alpacas.

INGREDIENTS: Alpaca, Pork fat, Garlic, Chilli, Rice Flour, Cumin, Potato Starch, Salt, Vinegar, Paprika, Annatto, Ascorbic Acid.

100% NZ Free Range

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