11.1.11 Books, even autobiographies, never seem to start with a date. I don’t really know why that is, perhaps to hide the fact that the book is ageing or to make it seem ageless. Either way, this book has a date, and that date is the 11th January 2011. It’s quite a nice date, as far as dates go, very symmetrical is 11.1.11. Its relevance to you and more importantly to me is really not yet known, its simply the date that I sat on flight VS201 from Sydney to HK and realized that if I really want to change my life I need to get started now.

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This blog is another one of those ‘I changed my life’ style blogs. Or at least my intention is to change my life so, if this  turns out to be a ‘I wanted to change my life but actually it was all too hard’ blog, then I apologise and to be honest you might as well stop reading now because those types of blogs tend to go nowhere. I am 37 this year and for the last 15 years I have worked for the same company, doing different jobs in different places, but all of which have been related to consumer electronics, boys toys. Most of the people I talk to about my job get excited by the products I get to play with and the new technology I get to be a part of, but for me its all gone sour. I have become bored, not of the products but of the politics and the constant focus on the short term finances to the detriment of the products and the team. But more to the point I got a Dog. Its funny what changes your life but for me it has been rescuing a dog from the council pound just two days before he was about to be destroyed.

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