From little things, big things grow.

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Many months had passed since I wrote the preface on 1.11.11 and whilst things never happen as fast as I would like, they were definitely happening. I continued to work in the corporate world but my 'secret' life was picking up pace. A number of months later I went on a one day pig farming course up near Windsor, the point of this was to see wether a pig farm really was the way ahead for me. I had no doubts, it was a success. Having not been scared by a 250kg sow (female breeding pig) standing on my foot, the search for the farm moved forward, slowly.... IMG_1316 Its been nearly three years since that first post from high in the sky. On the 1.11.13 Claire and I will be moving to Manakau and the farm. It has been a dream in the making for many years and now its almost here. I have to admit I am a little scared because we have lots of land but only a short amount of time to get it making money. I'm not short of ideas (feel free to provide any of your own ideas in the comments below), I have always been good at the ideas but the execution will be tricky because I have a lot to learn although at last count I have four books on pig keeping, three on sustainability on a smallholding and another three on building farm building (not to mention the many books on cooking, curing and cheese making.) I have never really been into blogs, I don't expect anyone else to be either. I have two reasons for writing this blog, this blog exists because 1) ALL of my friends and family live overseas and I'd like them to know what I get up too and 2) a cathartic exercise designed to help me to remember the mistakes I make on the way and to overcome any embarrassment I might have as a beginning farmer by broadcasting my failures to the world. I suppose its also a vain attempt at getting some free advice too. Thanks for reading and lets got on with the farming...  

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