TFWF#50: The one were we pivot and make a sad decision.

Written by Daniel Todd - April 26 2019


Jenny Bebbington
May 06 2019

You make eating meat OK, thank you x

Judy Sainsbury
May 06 2019

Hey Daniel. So sorry that it hasn’t worked out the way you wanted. David and I love both your pork and your principles. Many years ago (70s and 80s) I used to have the advertising account for a company selling stock food additives and visited many pig and poultry farms. I was so shocked by their animal cruelty that I resigned the account and never ate bacon or pork again until I discovered Woody’s and your humane farming methods. (Eggs were easier. We started keeping our own chooks.) We’ve been extremely impressed by the quality of your product. We’re in our 80s now and its a great pleasure to be able to buy pork products similar to those my painstaking grandfather used to make in the smokehouse at the family farm…… and to know that they come from decently treated pigs.

Gwynneth Jansen
May 06 2019

I’ve been away from Woody’s for a bit but when I read the news I HAD to come back in support.

May 06 2019

Thanks for trying to do the right thing, we all understand that of course you and your family must also be able to have a stress free life while moving forward. I always wish I was a bigger customer but I truly don’t eat much meat. I will continue to buy from you and recommend you to one and all

Frank Bennett
May 06 2019

Ethical practices and business don’t often meld for success, an unfortunate state of affairs but true. I can’t say that I have purchased that much from you but that which I have has been of superb quality, the best I have ever eaten. I no longer purchase pork from a supermarket. Woody’s is the only place to buy from.

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